If you want to simplify the procedure of tax payment for land, you need to select the next option. We prepare all the necessary information regarding your property and you as a taxpayer in the administration of your horticultural management or a cottage settlement. The requirement is that you must have on hand the cadastral certificate of land ownership. In the administration you guys will make out and then you will be sent at the right time receipts for payment of tax.
In addition, the IRS itself obliged to send every year a receipt-notification for payment of the fee. It usually specifies the amount and the deadline by which you must fulfill their obligation to the state. If you a paper in your mailbox not found, call the on (or come personally) and find out how much you owe.
You can learn about the value of their accrual and on the website For this you need to enter in the fields your personal information in the form of surname, name, patronymic, as well as your tax ID INN. After that you will receive the necessary information.
To calculate the amount of tax you can try yourself. Since 2006, the state has changed the rules of calculation and set the land tax rate in certain percent from cadastral cost of the earth. But this figure can not exceed 1.5 %.
To pay the tax itself is quite simple. The more you can choose any convenient way for you. For example, this can be done by payment through the savings Bank (minus this method - possible queues at the Bank). You can also pay through a special terminal (many variations - can be in cash, via card). If you wish to pay tax through Internet banking from your computer. The main thing to remember is that to make a payment you need time, otherwise the IRS will count on you interest. And this greatly increases the duty of the state.