So, the first method is through fast money transfer systems. Come to one of the offices of that company and fill in the form for sending money indicating the personal data of the recipient. Give the cashier the amount you want to transfer, and pay a fee for the transfer. After the surgery, will receive from the cashier the order number that will notify the receiver because he can get money.
Transfer money to Spain you can also use a simple Bank transfer. Come to admitting any Bank and ask a Bank employee to help you with the transfer of money abroad. Give him all the necessary data that he entered in a special form. Then sign the form, verifying the correctness of the data, obtain a copy and you are free. To get money in a Spanish Bank to come with the passport office and fill out the necessary paperwork and paying a Commission of 1%, to translation. The money in this case comes within 1-2 working days.
Another option is a Bank check. If you want to transfer money in Spain and know all of the recipient's Bank account, then you can get your Bank a special Bank check that your relative or friend will be able to put directly into his account. Ask the Bank employee the cost of such services, as it is estimated a little more than described above. Provide the Bank with all the details and send a check in the mail, then from your personal account will remove the appropriate amount.
If you regularly transfer small amounts of cash to relatives or friends in Spain, use the following method: open an account in an international Bank and transfer abroad Bank card. Then simply Fund your account in a Bank branch in the country, and your relatives will be able to withdraw funds as needed in any ATM without a fee.
But if all the above ways for any reasons are not satisfied, you can take the advantage of the latter option. Talk to the drivers of buses that run through Spain. Of course, they charge about 3% of the total amount for the transfer, but this option would be very simple for you. Be careful not to give the money in the hands of untested drivers!