Advice 1: How to transfer money to Germany

The transfer of money abroad, including Germany, nowadays is not particularly difficult. A quick and easy way to perform this operation without leaving your computer - make a Bank transfer from your account using an Internet customer. This often calls for the account sufficient funds on it and an Internet client.
How to transfer money to Germany
You will need
  • - Bank account in Euro;
  • - the balance is in excess of the transfer amount and the Commission of the Bank;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - account number of the recipient;
  • - the beneficiary's Bank details for international transfers.
For the successful implementation of Bank account transfer, you and the recipient in Germany should be in the same currency. In Germany in the course of the Euro and the account in the currency of a United Europe you can access almost every Russian Bank.Needless to say, the balance on it must not be less than the transfer amount and fee to your Bank for implementation. The Commission you can find on the Bank's website in the section on fees at the call center or visiting the nearest branch.If not enough money, enter the remaining amount: Bank transfer (most often the possible conversion of funds between accounts in different currencies), ATM cash or cashier of the Bank.
Log into the online client and choose the option "Transfers abroad" (or otherwise close in meaning. Fill in all required fields.Details of beneficiary's Bank for transfers from abroad ought to be on his website, it's better to copy them directly from there. Account number find out the recipient.Personal information and your beneficiary, enter only Latin letters. Field on the payment also need to fill out in German or English. The second is preferable: it must know Bank employees of corresponding divisions in the us and abroad.
For purposes of remittances abroad, there are certain restrictions under the laws of the Russian Federation, and in some cases the policy of a particular Bank. Therefore, the system interface may require you to confirm that the payment is not connected, for example, buying overseas property, Fund your account in a foreign Bank (this is only possible provided that you in due time notified on it tax inspection), play online casino commercial activities in the implementation of the payment from the account physical persons and etc. Check the desired options, usually by putting a tick in the appropriate boxes.Consider these restrictions when completing the fields on the payment.
When prompted, enter the IDs: password variable code with scratch cards or the other depending on the specific Bank.
If necessary, visit the office and get the confirmation of the payment with the appropriate mark.
This document may be required for a set of documents, translated if money intended to pay for the booked hotel, training or treatment in Germany, German tour operator services, etc.
Make a Bank transfer via the Internet-client, you can 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. But the Bank will be able to take it to execution only on the next working day. Will take some time and the movement of money between accounts. Usually up to three working days.

Advice 2 : How to send money to Russia from Europe

If you're away from your family and friends, for example, in Europe, you can optionally send them money. For this there are several ways, differing in the speed of obtaining money and the cost of the service. Select one of them, the most convenient in a particular situation.
How to send money to Russia from Europe
You will need
  • - Bank details of the addressee;
  • - access to the Internet or telephone;
  • - money.
Transfer money to Russian Bank account. To do this, find out its full details - the personal account and the correspondent account of the Bank, its full name, international SWIFT code and intermediary Bank through which foreign held payments, if any. Come to the European Bank and fill out the application for the transfer of funds. Some banks also allow the ability to transfer money through the Internet, but this system may not apply to transfers to Russia. The recipient will be able to get what is due him the amount in two to three business days, depending on the terms provided for it by the Russian Bank.
If the money need to send urgently, use money transfer systems such as Western Union. To come to one of our offices and let, to whom and what amount you want to send. You can choose the currency in which the recipient will issue the necessary amount. You will need to provide the name and surname of the addressee, and the city in which he now is. The translation is done almost instantly. To receive money, the recipient will have to present your passport and provide the secret code which will give you in the formation of the payment. These numbers you will need to inform the recipient by phone or the Internet. He also needs to know the exact amount sent.
With no time for a personal visit to the office Western Union make money transfer through the Internet. This service is open to most European countries. Sign up on the company website, in the section on your country. Then Deposit your money into the system using your Bank card and make a donation. In less than an hour people in Russia will be able to addressed to him the money in any office of the company. Note, however, that the Commission of this transfer system is very high. It is at least $ 10 even for the smallest amounts.

Advice 3 : It is cheaper to move money abroad

The question of how to take abroad values, for many it is very serious. But worry is only those who do smuggling large amounts of cash – in this case, you need to take care to do it right.
It is cheaper to transfer money abroad
To move money abroad in three main ways: cash, travelers checks, and funds on the credit card. If money is on the credit card, the law of their movement are not limiting. You can take as many cards with any Deposit balance. To declare them is not required.
Transportation of other types of money – more subtle and delicate. Under the rules, cannot be freely transported across the border to the amount exceeding 10 thousand dollars. If it is presented in another currency recalculated at the prevailing rate. If taken out more than the specified amount, the money is required to declare. Traveller's cheques are also subject to Declaration, but there are some nuances.
Cash can be freely exported an amount not to exceed 3 thousand dollars. If more money, declare them. Earlier there were no restrictions on the quantity exported from Russia in cash. But in 2005 a law was passed according to which, cash (in any currency) in excess in the amount of 10 thousand dollars, subject to removal only if it previously was by the same person imported into the territory of Russia, and, in an amount not greater than it is now exported. (Act of July 18, 2005. No. 90-FZ "On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation"). That is not to take out cash with a total sum more than 10 thousand dollars. You need to declare cash if the amount exceeds 3 thousand dollars.
Travellers cheques – a special form of exported resources. To take them is not prohibited in any quantity. Writing to declare traveler's checks are required if the amount of money in cash and cheques in the amount exceeding 10 thousand dollars. Rules of import and export of their specified in the act separately, as traveler's checks do not fall under the category of securities.
Useful advice
If you have had more money than is allowed under the current law, or found a value that cannot be transported by plane or you don't have the necessary papers (for example, jewelry, which were recognized as art objects), you can leave them in storage. At the point of customs on the tables, where are the forms for written Declaration, usually located also forms the Declaration for temporary storage. Most often, the period of storage is 2 months. Values are issued to the person presenting the receipt.
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