You will need
  • - Bank account in Euro;
  • - the balance is in excess of the transfer amount and the Commission of the Bank;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - account number of the recipient;
  • - the beneficiary's Bank details for international transfers.
For the successful implementation of Bank account transfer, you and the recipient in Germany should be in the same currency. In Germany in the course of the Euro and the account in the currency of a United Europe you can access almost every Russian Bank.Needless to say, the balance on it must not be less than the transfer amount and fee to your Bank for implementation. The Commission you can find on the Bank's website in the section on fees at the call center or visiting the nearest branch.If not enough money, enter the remaining amount: Bank transfer (most often the possible conversion of funds between accounts in different currencies), ATM cash or cashier of the Bank.
Log into the online client and choose the option "Transfers abroad" (or otherwise close in meaning. Fill in all required fields.Details of beneficiary's Bank for transfers from abroad ought to be on his website, it's better to copy them directly from there. Account number find out the recipient.Personal information and your beneficiary, enter only Latin letters. Field on the payment also need to fill out in German or English. The second is preferable: it must know Bank employees of corresponding divisions in the us and abroad.
For purposes of remittances abroad, there are certain restrictions under the laws of the Russian Federation, and in some cases the policy of a particular Bank. Therefore, the system interface may require you to confirm that the payment is not connected, for example, buying overseas property, Fund your account in a foreign Bank (this is only possible provided that you in due time notified on it tax inspection), play online casino commercial activities in the implementation of the payment from the account physical persons and etc. Check the desired options, usually by putting a tick in the appropriate boxes.Consider these restrictions when completing the fields on the payment.
When prompted, enter the IDs: password variable code with scratch cards or the other depending on the specific Bank.
If necessary, visit the office and get the confirmation of the payment with the appropriate mark.
This document may be required for a set of documents, translated if money intended to pay for the booked hotel, training or treatment in Germany, German tour operator services, etc.