By law, the tax inspection must notify you of the need to pay tax on the land and the amount of this tax. If not, call the tax or come and find out how much you owe.
Regardless of, whether you notified the tax inspection on the tax amount, it is best to try to calculate the amount yourself according to the current legislation, because the tax is wrong. To do this, find out first the cadastral value of your land as at 1 January of the year being the tax period. To get to know her, contact the authorities conducting cadastral registration and request relevant information. You can also do this through the site of bodies of Federal registration service (
The tax on land is a local tax. So to find the rate in your town or village, find the legislative act establishing it. By law this rate cannot exceed 1.5% of the cadastral value of the land.
Multiply the appropriate rate by the cadastral value of his land. This will be the amount of the tax. To pay it easier to fill out a receipt (it can be taken in a tax office or download from the site on) and make the payment through the Bank. You can also use the payment terminal - this eliminates the need to print or fill out a receipt and stand in line at the Bank.