You will need
  • 1) hammer;
  • 2) the needle;
  • 3) wooden stick.
Hit the jade hammer - stone will not break, it will dent. Jade has the property of viscosity due to its fibrous structure, according to this indicator it outperforms all other stone. It is easy enough to cut.
Try a needle to scratch a piece of jade. A real stone won't leave a mark, its strength exceeds the strength of steel twice, and the fake will be visible scratch.
Knock on wooden stick a piece of jade - it will sound. Also will sound of plates hitting each other. Of such plates in China accounted for the entire musical instruments for religious music and make the same calls.
Apply the heated stone to the body - it retains heat for a long time. This property of jade is used in medicine, stone therapy, recognized that he is really healing the kidneys. Renal colic stops instantly when overlapping plates of white jade.
The hardest to distinguish in the eyes of nephrite and jadeite. They are very close and are often combined in one name - jade. Good view stone into the light. The jadeite structure is granular, it as if composed of small parts has a slight transparency and a vitreous luster, unlike wax light opaque jade, which has a fine-fibred structure.
Look closely at the garland stone. For the most common green jade of various shades of a characteristic point or larger black inclusions.