Then right-click the icon "My computer" and select in menu line "Properties". In the window that appears will be given basic information about the system, including specified volume of operative memory.
Vypolnite the following sequence: Start –> All programs –> Accessories –> Command prompt.
In the opened window write systeminfo without quotes and press Enter. Appear all information about your computer, including data about the used operational memory.
Perform the following sequence of actions: Start –> Run, in the dialog box type dxdiag without the quotation marks. If you are prompted about allowing the collection of information, click "Yes". This window shows the data on the system.
For information about the RAM memory you can use a specialized program that collects all the information about your computer. An example can be the program "Everest" or "Aida". In order to know the size of the operational memory using Everest, start the program, select the tab "Computer – summary information". In the opened window will contain all the necessary information. When using the Aida procedure is the same.