One of the most popular services that support embedding the player on your site or blog is Prostopleer. It's young enough for the Runet project combining music files from a variety of audiochannels network and with high quality search by song title and artist name.To download the music on your page, go to and make a request in the search bar. It results appear more relevant for composition. Select the song you intend to embed in the blog, and in line with it click on the gear icon. In the opened list select "embed Code". Copy the text from the pop-window and then paste it into the editor of your website or blog. As a result, on the record page will appear in the player with your chosen song.
The ability to download songs on personal pages by embedding code of the player is also supported by Yandex.Music. To download music using this service go to the home page of the project and with the help of standard search to locate the song. Please note that this service has less music than in Prostopleer, as the release of tracks in Yandex.Music agreed with the copyright holders. Finding the desired song, click on its name to open a unique page songs. On this page, click on the link "Embed in blog" opened and copy the embed code and then paste it into the editor of your website or blog. The player with the song to appear in a new post, and it will be possible to listen by clicking on Play.
To download to your page unique sound file that is not on the above services, use DivShare. Log in using Facebook account. After you log in, then download the song on the website and go to the page of recordings in your account. Click the right mouse button on the icon of the downloaded songs, click the "Embed" and copy this code in editor blog posts. On the web page the music will open in a special player from Divshare.