You will need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - диск Windows.
If you decide to upgrade your operating system and you want to remove an already existing version, then do so in the process of installing the new OS. Insert the disc with the Windows backup in the DVD drive and turn on the computer.
Press F8 to open this window, select devices. Select DVD drive and press Enter. To start the process of installing the operating system, press any key when you see the text Press any key to boot from CD.
Start to install the operating system in the usual way until, until the process comes to selecting the local disk. If you install Windows XP, then specify a hard disk or partition on which you installed the existing copy of the operating system.
In the next window select format in the appropriate file system. Press F to confirm formatting the partition.
In that case, if you're dealing with Windows 7 or Vista, click "drive options" after the appearance of the list of existing partitions.
Highlight the hard drive or partition on which you installed the current version of the operating system. Click format. In standard mode, the program will hold a volume is formatted in the same format in which it was before.
If you need to change the type of file system volume, click "Remove" and confirm the deletion of this section. Now click "Create". Enter the size of the future section (it is the size of the volume dial) and select the type of the file system.
If you need to remove the operating system without installing new ones, use the utility Partition Manager. Install the program and restart the computer. Run The Partition Manager.
Click the right mouse button on the desired partition and select "Format". Set the allocation unit size and file system type of the future net volume. Click "Apply pending changes". The computer will continue a process running in DOS-mode.