One of the main means to care for eyelashes is castor oil. It has many medicinal properties. The oil improves the structure of eyelashes, prevents hair loss. It promotes their growth, moisturizes and nourishes the eyelashes and eyelid skin, soothes acting on the cells of the skin.To strengthen eyelashes, but also to give them a velvety and more vivid, it is useful to massage the eyelids and eyelashes. Apply castor oil on your index finger, tilting the head, blinking, moisten the tips of the upper eyelashes. Then RUB tool clean brush from under the carcass and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse with water.This procedure is preferably done daily, then it is necessary to wash the brush in soapy water, dry and wrap with a dry cloth.
For the care of eyelashes at home you can prepare a special caring formula. Take the almond, linseed, castor, rose oil and grape seed oil and wheat germ in equal amounts and mix them. Obtained by means lubricate the eyelashes. If rose oil is essential, use 2-3 drops. You can apply the total mixture, and a combination of 2-3 oils.
For strengthening and nourishing massage make a mask of castor oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley combined with 1 teaspoon. RUB the slurry into the eyelids. The course of routine medical procedures is 1-2 months.
Prepare a mixture of castor and burdock oil. Add the oil solution of vitamin E, aloe Vera juice and fish oil. The latter is rich in vitamin a, which is the main ingredient for the care of eyelashes. Take all ingredients in equal proportions. Whether the resulting tool, using the eyedropper, pour into an empty and clean tube of mascara. Apply it daily at bedtime for one month in the usual way, like tint eyelashes. After a course of procedures, eyelashes will become thick and strong. They will be nice to shade the eyes and make the look more expressive.