You will need
  • - The Windows Disk.
To start, try to install the operating system Windows 7. First, this is a fairly new OS from Microsoft, and secondly, during installation of the operating system you will be able to create multiple partitions on the hard disk.
Open DVD drive and insert the installation disc of Windows Seven. Restart the laptop. Press Del or F2 (depends on the brand of the laptopa) to enter the BIOS. Find the Boot Device Priority menu. Open the parameter First Boot Device and set your drive as primary bootable device.
Click Save & Exit. After restarting the laptopand the screen bar is displayed Press any key to boot from CD. Press any key to boot from disk.
If you have a disk that contains multiple versions of the operating system, select one and click "Next". Select the language of the installer. Note that the selected language will apply only to the installation process, instead of by the operating system.
When the window appears, containing the list of existing hard disk, click "drive options". In that case, if you want to create multiple partitions, select an existing disk and click "Delete".
Click "Create". Select the file system format of your local disk. Set its size. Repeat this algorithm to create one or more partitions.
Select the local drive on which you want to install the operating system, and click Next.
After some time, the system will automatically restart the laptop. Create and enter the name of the primary user, set its password. Select firewall.
After the first login to the operating system be sure to install an antivirus and, if desired, the firewall.