Do not try to be independent and accept help from friends and relatives. For example, people can walk with the kids, while you do household chores. Take any help you can: wash clothes, clean the apartment, go to the store shopping, put the kids to bed. To cope with twins is not easy, so don't hesitate to ask loved ones about support, and the chance to thank them you still appear.
Set priorities for themselves. Accept the fact that in the first year after the birth of babies you are unlikely to be able to maintain perfect order in the house. You are performing a tremendous job – raising two kids at the same time, so don't let yourself get upset over a dirty sink in the kitchen.
Do not worry that you will not be able to feed both babies at the breast. The experience of many mothers shows that, as a rule, milk is enough for each of the kids. It is most convenient to feed twins at the same time. Buy a scale and weigh baby before and after each feeding, so you will be able to notice if one child starts to suck from the breast more milk than the other. In this case, the less active your baby should be put to the breast first so he, too, could be satisfied.
Try to accustom children to the regime. You will be much easier to cope with with twins, if they get used to sleep at the same time. Put kids in the same crib – the twins are much quieter, being close to each other.
To bathe the twins in the first months of their life more convenient individually. You have to ask for help to relatives, to look after one baby while you bathe the second, and Vice versa. No need to make bathing every day bathing once in two days your kids will be enough.
Do not forget about yourself. The time when the kids are asleep, use for their own recreation. Many moms are so focused on caring for kids that absolutely ceased to pay attention. Give yourself a little fun, for example, walk with friends, do my nails or just read a magazine.
Take time wife. The birth of twins is a serious test of strength of your family, try to make your husband was not outside the sphere of your interests. If possible, choose something together or just talk after the kids are asleep.