In the process of fishing spinning method of tightening the fishing line can be twisted, that interferes with fishing, because fishing line is interwoven between the rings and is wound on the drum of the reel. With its winding may be sticking, preventing the re-casting of the lure. In this case, not far from the fishing place, is wound from the spool all the line and pull on the smooth, devoid of vegetation of the place, after which some times miss the line through a cloth from the coil itself.
Don't forget to leave the end free. Due to such simple operations, spun and woven sections of the line will be straightened.
At home, the alignment should be repeated by winding the fishing line onto the reel, passing it between his fingers.
With the beginning of the fishing season, many fishermen find that fishing line has lost the smoothness, faded, covered in dried particles of seaweed, which is also an obvious signs of her "illness". To clean the fishing line to unwind its entire length and then, without effort, re-wrap the spool, passing through a small clean rag.
If you are out fishing, then the speaker of the shore or from the boat launch the entire line the river, while cleaning it in the mentioned way. Given this problem of an individual firm, specializing in the production of fishing tackle, began to produce special shampoos, not just a cleansing line, but covering its surface with a protective composition.