If you grow petunias and want to collect seeds it with your plants, you need to have some kind of information about how and when to do it. Surely you know that in order for the flower continued to bloom, faded flowers with it it is necessary to promptly clean up. But note that in the withered flowers of Petunia contains the seeds of your future plants. That is why, at the beginning of flowering immediately note a few of the lower buds where seeds are most likely to appear before the rest of the buds. Save these buds for seed collection.
Themselves Petunia seeds are very small, practically weightless. And these tiny seeds can produce such huge subshrub plants. Indeed, the wonders of nature. Selecting the buds from which you will collect seeds, please be patient. Petunia seeds Mature long enough. The period from the initiation of flowering Bud to full maturity of the seeds when they can be collected, is two to three months. Therefore, to select the buds you need as early as possible, so as not to remove valuable flowers ahead of time and do not collect immature seeds.
Important for success is the selection of varieties of petunias. A large part of hybrid plants is very unstable in the offspring. It may happen that either you will not be able to grow from collected seed anything, or the flowers will be of a different color or size, for example. That is, the result of your efforts in collecting seeds and growing petunias will be a surprise for you. That is why, choosing for the cultivation of hybrid varieties, the seeds are better to buy in specialized stores. The principle of seed collection with more simple varieties described above.