You will need
  • Internet Explorer
The most popular Internet browsers are: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Each Explorer change start page occurs according to a specific algorithm.
Internet Explorer:
In the context menu click on tools , then Internet options . In the opened window select the "General tab", where you can change the starting page to the current or remove it by clicking on the button "Empty . The address field will change to the string "about:blank , it will mean that you have successfully removed the start page, replacing it with a blank.
Mozilla Firefox:
Go to "Tools – Settings" – "General . In the paragraph "Start - instead of "Show my home page, select "Show a blank page . When you start Internet Explorer you will see an empty page.
Google Chrome:
The developers of this browser disguised the desired menu option with the wrench icon. In the upper right corner click on it and choose Settings . In the opened window, in the tab "Main , next to "Main page , tick "Open the new tab page . Close the window. Subsequently, at startup instead of the home page you will see a page that you can customize to your liking.
To remove the start page, click on "Menu and choose "Settings , then go to General settings . This opens a new window. Choose a page among several options, choose "Open speed dial . Now, at the start, instead of start page will appear customizable speed dial.