If the survey nothing is revealed, the main treatment method is to enhance the vitality, that is, a gradual increase in physical activity and tempering procedures. Blood pressure increases the caffeine contained in coffee, one or two cups in the morning which helps the teenager to "cheer up". To drug therapy used in combination hypotension with headache, which also often have a vascular origin. Usually used combination of caffeine with the preparations of ergot (ergotamine, etc.), normalizes the tone of cerebral vessels, but to appoint such a treatment needs a doctor.
To engage in independent action, to prescribe medications, especially on the advice of "experts" who have no medical education, is inappropriate! Parent energy must be directed to, first, find a good, experienced doctor, and secondly, to provide the child the necessary treatment and regular medication. The latter is very important, as children are often their disease do not feel and therefore do not want to be treated.
In some cases, the effective phytotherapy (herbal treatment). You can use fees tansy, yarrow, Helichrysum, harrow prickly. To do this, we need to take equal amounts of each herb (dried and crushed), mix well. The resulting mixture should be stored in a cool dark place, to take from it one tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for some time. Drink half a Cup twice a day – morning and before lunch, the course of treatment should last for months.
Well hypertension also helps a mixture of lemon, honey, walnuts and aloe juice. Take two tablespoons at night during the month.