The technique of "From head to toe"
Significantly lower your voice, you saying "right sock". For this you need to stand with your back straight, and breathe through the diaphragm. Support votes should not be in the vocal cords and the muscles of the diaphragm. In the process of inhalation the abdomen should protrude, not to get involved.
The effect of "vinyl records"
Compare the human voice with a vinyl record. If the rate of torsion of the plate is reduced, then the sound starts to do the full Barry white. With the voice of the same situation: if you slow your rate of speech, the voice will become lower.
Try experimenting with the voice right now and you'll see for yourself.
The increase in the extension pipe and the relaxation of the vocal cords
Simply put – spasms of the vocal cords.
Stand up straight, lower your chin to your chest and make the sound "and" on a low note. Then, without stopping, raise your eyes upwards. Navryatli first time out upstairs to keep the same low voice, but with time you will start to receive.
It is important not to overdo it – focus on your feelings.
The lowering of the larynx
To lower the larynx voice the need to do long. This will help a yawn or polution. Lock the state of the palate and tongue in this position and try to maintain it during the conversation. Over time it will get better and better.
Of course, this method should be resorted to only in extreme cases. Like surgery under local anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision over the lower part of laryngeal cartilage, and checking your voice will change its tone to the desired.