So how do you care for a date palm tree, whether it be transplanted? Date palm is really possible to grow from seed. Only you need to have great patience to wait for the first shoots. So, put the bones vertically in deep clay pots with damp sand or sawdust. The seeds are quite hard, so they need to be stratified for (a bit rubbed with a nail file or sandpaper). Four months later, the first shoots on the surface.
Now they need to be transplanted into a pot with a mixture of turf, leaf soil, peat, humus and sand in the ratio 2:2:4:1:2, add a little crushed charcoal. Transplanting small seedlings, try not to tear the remains of the seed, as palm seeds long provide plant nutrients. When the first sheet, once again I will transplant the young plants in pots larger volume (diameter approximately 8 cm) and put them in a bright place.
While the plant is young, it should be transplanted every year. Carefully remove the palm from the pot, rinse the roots. The root system of the trees is quite large, so they can be cut a little, also prune all the sore spots. Slices sprinkle with charcoal or ash, treat Appin and allow to dry. With each subsequent transplant replace pot more voluminous.
Pour into it the drainage of expanded clay or broken bricks. Then, pour 1/3 of the soil. Place the plant and cover with soil. Slightly tamp the soil around the flower and pour.
In General date palms do not like dry soil, so try to water it regularly two days later and spray two or three times a day.
When the palm reaches the age of five, a transplant will be required much less often – once in 2-3 years. However, it is necessary to annually change the top layer of soil at least ten centimeters and add humus.
When your palm will be fifteen years of age, it is possible to transplant even more rarely, once in five or six years.