You will need
  • - own hair length less than 6 cm;
  • - the services of a salon.
Contact a specialized salon. This procedure can only professional. If you want to build yourself hair dyed, in advance, notify your specialist as hair dyed before the treatment.
Decide the length of the bangs. If you have thin hair, then the bangs can make the thick. Or, when you have no bangs and the hair cut is not desirable, you can try the "faux" Bang. But some of my hair still have to shave to hide a small capsule, which will be attached to the hair.
Choose the color of hair. To increase possible like hair color and other shades. You can also do the coloring. The paint on the hair to stay long, and your hair is not affected.
Select technology for hair extensions. The main one is English, French and Italian. According to the English method the strands of hair are attached to your hair with a organic resin. With this method you won't harm the health of your own hair, but bangs them to increase not recommended to not be visible droplets of resin. French technology is carried out using solid protein capsules. But for hair extensions is better to use the Italian technology. This procedure will take plenty of time (4-5 hours), but after removing flat keratin capsules you will not have creases in your hair. Another advantage of keratin capsules is that due to their strength they can withstand swimming in the sea, a Perm or hair coloring.
Using two, maximum three months, go through the correction procedure of the hair extensions. The hair is removed and if necessary attach again at the roots.