Engaged in the development of the memory of the child, paying attention to all kinds of memory – visual-figurative and verbal-logical and motor. Three types of memory require the development of different methods of perception – a child must learn to perceive colors, to remember the appearance of people visually distinguish one from the other images; he also must remember heard the words information, and finally, to explore the world and to remember some things through tactile sensation.
It is also important to develop the emotional sphere of the child, so he could remember his emotions and feelings he shows towards different things and events.
If engine or mechanical short-term memory, logical and emotional memory stored in the mind of man for many years, so try especially to develop these types of memory. Encourage your child to share feelings and emotions, ask how was your day, play with him in the Association.
Creativity also allows you to train thinking – drawing something, the child learns the right things, as it defines them visually. That is why at an early age the child is to give books with bright and detailed illustrations.
If the child is old enough, and he has trouble remembering boring and abstract rules and dates, try to give him this information in non-standard form – for example, in verse. In addition, the child will be willing to remember all sorts of things, if he has this motivation, and if he's really interested in, to learn whatever it is.
Ensure the development of the child was a versatile and multifaceted. It should be not only intellectual and physical – provide the child with a sufficient number of mobile sports games, let him burn off excess energy while walking, and make sure that the child together with food received a full set of vitamins and minerals, which depends on his mental development. In order that the child experienced stress, strive to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere in the family.
Don't forget that for children the most natural method of understanding the world is a game. Play in cognitive and logic games with the whole family – they develop memory and erudition, as well as improve the atmosphere in the family. Encourage your child like word games and picture games and toys.
Hide from the child the toy and then offer to find them, directing his words "cold" or "hot", or answering the leading questions of the child. Make child riddles and puzzles and then solve them together. All this develops logic and the ability to analyze.