Don't despair: you can love to read, even if you before this class, just sickened. You should start with introspection, the extent to which he is subject. Decide what character traits or temperament prevent you to immerse yourself in reading. Reading requires concentration, silence, peace of mind. Maybe you hyperactive, does not like to sit still, constantly running, rush somewhere, and you are very difficult to seat himself in the chair and pick up a book.
Start to work on it. Understand that eternal race will not sustain your fragile body. Yes, and you will probably finish your stormy day in front of the TV. You just need to make an effort and instead of the remote to take the book.
It will be easier to force yourself to start reading, if you choose a book that will be of interest to you. Do not think that there are none in nature. Do you have a profession, job, hobby. And certainly in the bookstore you will be able to find a publication that will increase your knowledge. Review the book that you are going to buy: I wonder if she written, easy to read. After all, even the strongest interest can kill a bad syllable.
Don't buy a lot of books. So you builds up a stack that you will need to read, because it spent your hard-earned money. Better to borrow books in the library there you just do not give a package of "fiction". Reading should not be your duty - you have to get pleasure from the process.
If you want to learn how to love books, let them help you pass the time. Read in the subway, on a plane, in the kitchen, until cooked buckwheat. But if some book you don't like, if in two hours you manage to "push" only two or three pages, put it down and don't kill yourself. Replace it with another book.
Remember that you must clearly define for themselves what "love to read". One thing - it's a pleasure to read Tolstoy and Chekhov, and another, one after the other to swallow the morning newspaper. Understand exactly what you need. Try "to the tooth" "the Decameron," and if you feel that is not, postpone that until better times. If you need to love to read the reports of subordinates, but with the classics you have from school no problem, the approach should be radically different.