Start to dig up the plants, if two-thirds of the leaf already turned yellow,and the covering scales of the bulbs were yellow. By this time, the stem becomes soft and easy to crumple in his hands. Usually time digging tulips is at the end of June-beginning of July.
Keep the dug up bulbs at a temperature of 23-25 degrees in a well ventilated area where the sun does not penetrate. You can store dug bulbs and outdoors, but only in the place where it is not exposed to direct sun rays. They cause burns on the bulbs.
You must consider the humidity, it needs to be at least 70%.
When the bulbs are dry, peel them from the old roots of the earth, any remaining scales. Then sort by variety and size. After sorting, store the bulbs in a well ventilated room without draughts and direct sunlight. Watch out for humidity.
To plant tulips in the fall, when the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm drops to 9-10 degrees. Depending on climate it may be the end of September and beginning of November. The bulbs must be planted in prepared soil. And to do this, locate the area that the spring does not fill with water. If there is none, then raise the garden bed by adding land. Soil prepared place: Deposit chopped grass clippings, add the ash (especially if the soil is acidic), place a layer of humus. Make on a bed of grooves or pits at a depth of double the height of the bulb, cover with soil. If the winter is cold, cover with dry grass.