Before applying blush on the face, for starters put on the skin bronzing powder, to give it depth and a more intense tint, and then apply blush. Never apply blush close to the nose, and do not install them below the tip of the nose.
For proper blending blush and bronzite discover exactly where are your cheekbones. To do this, smile and find the highest point of the roundness of the cheeks, and then draw from this point a line index finger to his temple.
After cheekbones are defined, apply a bronzing powder that sets off the skin, giving it a warm and pleasant shade and also protects from UV rays. With bronzers you can give your face any shape, but if you want to make the face more sculpted, apply it along the outer edges of your face and cheekbones.
Apply bronzet, starting from the back part of the cheeks, gently taking the brush to the rear of the cheekbones. Only after bronzet applied to the skin, go for the blush on the cheekbonesto add a natural skin color.
In autumn and winter, do not overdo it with the amount of blush, and do not use too bright a blush, as it leads to an unnatural appearance. Blush must match the shade of your natural blush. Do not forget about tonal basis, which should also be applied to the face to bronzers and blush.
The amount of blush define, on the basis of the brightness of the lips and eyes. The brighter your lipstick, the less need blush. A darker blush you can apply it directly on your cheekbone, and then shade them with a lighter caused around her. If you use cream blush, you can also apply them on your lips and eyelids, refreshing your face and make it look more beautiful.