The choice of fabrics for curtains variety: crisp drape fabric, velvet, organza, linen. You can sew curtains with a drawstring, a drawstring closure and grommets. The grommets, this is probably one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of the fabric. Will perfectly decorate the window, soft and expressive folds, which are formed with eyelets.
The width of the curtains should be 1:2. Use an even number of eyelets to the left and right edges of the blinds were turned to one side.
First, sew the side sections of the curtains. Sew on a large table so the seam is not moved, hold it with both hands.
The top edge of the curtains fold back three inches and glue it with interlining or special eyelet punching tape that can be purchased in the salon. Distance from center of hole to the top of the curtains should be five centimeters.
Next, calculate the location of the holes under the rest of the eyelets in such a way: the width of the curtain minus six inches (allowances on the hem of the side sections of the curtains) and minus 5x2 (extreme eyelets). What you got divide by the number of eyelets. This way you get the length between the centers of the holes. The optimal distance between the grommets - 18 see
The holes for the grommets, cut the special tool – punch. If you have such a device, contact your Atelier, specializing in the manufacture of curtains. For a small fee there will insert the grommets according to your size. You can hang the curtains on the curtain rod to decorate their beautiful pickups.
Please note - to prevent shrinkage, before the production of curtains soak a cloth or make allowances for shrinkage after the first wash they could be lengthened. The curtains on the grommets is not recommended to wash, since metal grommets can rust. Care for them using a vacuum cleaner with a soft parquet brush. To clean curtains made of thin fabric made of fine muslin case with rubber band with one hand, so that it can be put on the brush and thus to soften the contact between the cloth and brush cleaner. And before you iron, make sure to do a test on a piece of cloth.