Advice 1: How to get to the transfer of "Housing problem"

Not only to do free repairs in the room, but to receive a gift of modern furniture and other interior details that can dramatically change the appearance of the premises, the transfer of the "Apartment question". But, unfortunately, not everyone can get in on this enjoyable event, as the organizers of the transfer conducted a strict selection of candidates from many of the returned questionnaires. But do not despair, as a few tips will help you become the hero of the television program.
How to get to the transfer of "Housing problem"
You will need
  • to be a resident of Moscow or the nearest Moscow suburbs
  • - to have an apartment, in which not less than two habitable rooms
To fill in the application form for participation in the program "Housing question" first, snap a photo of your family in the interior of the apartment that you want to alter. Try to photograph at least 3 people, related by kinship.
Go to official website and click on the tab "Application for participation". In the first field enter your surname, name and patronymic. The following form please list details of all family members in the picture, and indicate for each, what is he to you or other family members.
Next, specify how many years you live together regardless of whether you have civil marriage or official. Be sure to write contact numbers not less than two members of the family. Necessarily, in addition to mobile, enter your landline number.
Indicate your email address. After writing ' check that it was written without errors, as skipping even a single character leads to a distortion of the name box.
Specify the address where the apartment is located. Also, check the floor and area of residence. Give details of how you can reach the residence, what landmarks will tell you that the path how to get to the entrance.
To to rework your rooms were used appropriate materials, indicate the type of house, number of floors in the building and the presence of passenger and freight elevators.
Describe in detail, how many rooms in your apartment, they are interconnected or isolated, what is the purpose (bedroom, living room, game), and the area of each of them, whether there are balconies in the apartment. Remember and specify how long you live in this place, where they lived before.
In the box next to the questionom about who lives in the apartment at the moment, include those family members that are in the pictures. Determine which room you would like to alter and identify what is the function of this room now and what other role it should perform in the future. Try to have your wishes purpose room before and after the alteration are not the same.
Talking about his family, details the education of all its members, degrees and awards (if any), previous and current jobs, Hobbies. To clarify the formalities write. who is the owner of the apartment or the tenant responsible in case the flat is not privatized.
In conclusion, answer, did members of your family involved in television (if Yes, please specify date and name of the report) and write the most detailed story about what the interests of your family. In the last paragraph necessarily indicate shared Hobbies, interests, any family traditions, etc.
Useful advice
Filling in the form note that for the organizers of the event history of your family is of far greater interest than the description of the place of residence.

Advice 2: How to get into the "housing problem"

The staff of the TV show "the Housing question" and really doing everything for free. But this gift, as stated on oficialnom program website can get "only the energetic, creative, optimistic people".
How to get into the "housing problem"
You will need
  • Long lived in the apartment which you (the collective "Housing problem" is basically not taken for unfinished buildings) in Moscow and the region consisting of two or more rooms. The desire to write and send a detailed letter by Internet or regular mail.
You can go to the website and write there the application for participation in the program. On the Internet you need to fill in a form in which you want to specify the name, address, telephone number, date of birth, time of stay in the apartment, the number and square footage of rooms and even your Hobbies and write a funny story from the life of his family and the expectations of the program with your participation. Will need photos of the housing.
You can send the same information via email to the address
You can also send information to participate in the television program in a paper envelope at 127 000, Moscow, street of the Academician the Queen, the house 12, the program "Housing question".
Even the staff of the "Housing problem" and "Suburban response" invites to cooperation of designers and architects (questionnaire for these professionals is also posted on the program website).
Useful advice
If you have a cottage, at the same time you can try to get it in gear "summer response", which is released together with the "Housing question". Program staff are interested in the alteration of the villas in the suburbs - not more 40 km from Moscow.
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