You will need
  • Cleanser;
  • Cleansing mask;
  • The mask, narrowing the pores;
  • Cream for problem skin.
One of the most important steps on the way to a perfect skin cleansing. Definitely every day use a purifying cleanser and tonic. Remedies for oily skin usually contain substances that reduce the production of sebum and slightly narrowing the poresand prevent pimples. But cleansing alone is not enough.
Approximately two times a week, you need to use exfoliating scrub. After removing the top, dead layer of skin, the lower, more elastic. Due to this, pores become smaller, because the skin becomes more elastic, holes better heal. Moreover, with the regular use of a scrub the pores easier to steam and clean.
The next important stage is to clean the pore from accumulated sebum. At home this can be done by using a warm mask of colored clay. To enhance the effect, you can dilute the clay is not water, and decoction of medicinal herbs, and add a few drops of essential oil – it has poroshok property. Such masks are not recommended more often than once a week, and in any case it is impossible to apply them in a single day with a scrub. If the face is a burst blood vessel, infiltration or wounds, it is better to refrain from the use of masks in General warm - up until the issue is resolved.
In addition to cleaning pores must be narrow. This can be done using masks that contain zinc, creams and therapeutic lotions. Zinc mask is recommended to do not more often two times a month, it cannot be combined with cleansing and exfoliation. By itself, this mask is very aggressive, the skin may burn a little, it is possible redness that will last for several hours. That's fine, but you need to find a convenient time for the procedure, as would not want to be seen with red spots on the face. Besides, for six or seven hours after the procedure, you can not use decorative cosmetics.
The most effective are beauty salon products: professional skin cleansing, chemical peels and laser resurfacing. These procedures will cost you more homemade masks, but they are professionals and very efficient.