You will need
  • 1) Talc, brush.
  • 2) Gasoline, cloth.
  • 3) Gasoline, means for diluting and removing the paint.
  • 4) Soap, ammonia, a suede brush.
  • 5) Impregnation, eraser, or a suede brush.
  • 6) Protective spray.
If the product suede shoes or clothing has formed the grease stain from him, you will help to get rid of the usual talc, which is used for powder diaper rash in children. Talc can be purchased at any baby store or pharmacy. Sprinkle a thick layer of talcum powder on the contaminated area and leave it on for three hours, during this time, the talc will absorb all the fat. After this will scrape off all the talcum powder from the product using the special brush for suede, which can be purchased in any Shoe store.
Also grease stain out of suede will help to remove the gasoline. Moisten a small piece of fabric is cleaned with gasoline and RUB the contaminated area. Then left to wipe this place with a damp rag. From the spots will not be over.
If the clothes or shoes made of suede formed a spot of glue, this will help you all the same gasoline. Soak a cloth in petrol and RUB the contaminated place. If the stain is already dry, you will have to resort to means for removing paint or thinner.
To clean suede from the usual dirt using soapy water to where you want to add a small amount of ammonia. Whisk the composition to form a foam and wetting her brush, clean the contaminated area. You can use a standard solution of ammonia 5%, which is sold in the pharmacy and no less effective for cleaning suede.
After cleaning, suede it is recommended to treat the product special impregnation which is designed to care for suede and nubuck, sold in any Shoe store. Regular use of impregnation significantly prolong the life of your belongings and will restore the properties of suede. After soaking, use a special eraser or brush to raise the NAP.