You will need
  • - character sub-class, pumped up to level 75.
First you need to sub-class quest More Than Meets the Eye ("More than it seems"). Quest is taken to Hardin's Academy (Hardin's Academy) at the NPC Hardin (Hardin). He, in addition to the opportunity to learn skills from sub-class will allow you to continue to learn all sorts of useful transformation. Quest available from level 50, so that it can safely pass in the process of leveling at a convenient time for you. The quest itself is simple enough: it is necessary for the arrow pointers to move from one NPC to another and ordered them to knock out items from monsters: Ectoplasm (ectoplasm) – 35 PCs and Mordeo Crystals (Crystals Mordeo) – 5 PCs completed the Quest from the same NPC that started: Hardin (Hardin). It should give you a book of transformation.
Then fly to the location of the Ivory Tower (the ivory Tower) on the second floor and there, at the NPC Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde (MAG transformations of the avant-garde), learn the transformation. Now you can turn into a Beast Onyx (Onyx beast) and to begin learning skills from sub-class.
Next you need to come to the Guild of his race and the main NPC (in all the guilds he stands alone, at the head of two rows of their subordinates) to take the book-specifications. Such Guild located in the ivory Tower and all major cities. Come to the Guild it is necessary to sub-class, to go to learn skills too. It is a prerequisite to achieve your goal.
With books you have to go back to the Ivory Tower (the ivory Tower) and again go to NPS Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde (MAG transformations of the avant-garde) and he has to learn necessary skills. Consider what skills you need. Don't chase after the alluring abilities like "temporary indestructibility" because they work extremely rare – the chance is about 3%, but in fact can play for years and not see the activation of a skill.