In order to properly prepare this report, you must know and follow these rules. Income and expenses should be reported according to the existing company units. If there is a need to indicate the presence of loss in the organization, then it is recorded in parentheses. The report also features the extreme graphs. They need to specify the date of the reporting period and the date of the previous report.
You can then go directly to complete the report. Primarily fill in a line 010 "Revenues". While filling keep in mind that revenue is the revenue subject to the value added tax and excise duties. In the column 020 "Cost of sales" need to reflect all costs associated with the manufacture, acquisition, execution of works and services. Immediately after this row complete 029 gross profit". Data for it can be found from the count of 010 and 020. Now go to 030. Here are the commercial costs associated with sales. Then in the box 040 make the costs associated with payment of salaries to administrative office management. Now fill in a line 050 the Profit (loss) from sales".
Now safely proceed to the second section. Fill in the box 060 "Interest receivable". It is forbidden to include dividends received from other companies. In the next column indicates the percentage of the payment. But they should not affect the interest on the loan.
Finally, the third concluding section. It affects net profit. In the graph 140 "Profit (loss) before taxation" must be specified the value obtained by adding up the data values from the following graph: 050, 060, 080, 090, 120, 070, 100 and 130. Then fill in the columns 141, 142, 150, and 190. 190 "Net profit (loss) of the reporting period" enter the number received in the result of merging data from all the fields of this section.