You will need
  • an inductor tester
Measurement of inductance by the method of voltmeter-ammeter.
To find the inductance of a conductor by this method, use the AC source with a known frequency. If the frequency is not known, measure its customera joining it to the source. Connect to the power supply coil, the inductance of which is measured. Then in series turn on the ammeter, and to the ends of the coil in parallel is a voltmeter. Passing the current through the coil, clear the readings. Accordingly, the current in amperes and voltage in volts.
According to this data, calculate the value of inductance of the coil. For this value of the voltage divide successively by 2, the number 3.14, the values of current frequency and current. The result is the value of inductance for the coil in Henry (H). Important: the coil connect only to AC power source. The resistance of the conductor used in the coil should be negligible.
The measurement of the inductance of the solenoid.
To measure inductance of the solenoid take a ruler or other instrument for determining lengths and distances, and determine the length and diameter of solenoid in meters. Then count the number of its coils.
Then find the inductance of the solenoid. To do this, take the number of turns in the second degree, the result and multiply by 3.14, the diameter of the second degree, and divide the result by 4. The number you divide by the length of the solenoid and multiply by 0,0000012566 (1,2566*10-6). This will be the value of the inductance of the solenoid.
If possible, to determine the inductance of this conductor use a special device. It is based on scheme, called bridge AC.