Teach your child to first completely listen to the offer, and only then proceed to its writing.
Form a child's ability to impose himself on the syllables that you need to write. The house can dictate to yourself out loud, carefully pronouncing all the sounds. The class will have to do it in a whisper that also need to be able to.
Require a careful check is written. It should not be a quick read, and attentive, syllabic, clarifying all the obscure points.
Make a note with your child on flashcards all vocabulary words needed to memorize in this class (contained in the Glossary at the end of the textbook in the Russian language). Hang these cards around the apartment. Child will stumble on them look and will automatically remember words.
Check with your child knowing all the rules of spelling words studied in this class. Create the ability to apply them to the letter. Ask the child to tell what letter should be written in any word, but also to justify her writing.
Develop a child's spelling vigilance. Offer him a text that is written with errors and ask for these errors to find and fix.
Write warning dictations. Dictate the first sentence entirely, then phrases. Before writing the child should explain what, how and why he will write.
Let your child read the text. Find all dangerous in terms of possible errors. Check the spelling of all the words governed by rules. Repeat the spelling of all common dictionary words. Dictate the text to the child. Read together written, correct any errors that prove the need for corrections. Write the dictation again. Check it out.
Lead the work on forming the ability to write dictation every day. Write a short dictation, carefully considering every word. Systematic work, the number of errors will decrease.