You will need
  • drywall
  • insulating material;
  • grid-the junctions;
  • paint the grid;
  • putty
First, take care of the frame. So he was quite reliable and sturdy, need to use hard guide. The ideal size of their 27х28 mm. in addition you will need a profile of 60х27 mm Profile attach with special brackets to the ceiling at a distance of one meter from each other each. The step between profiles is done through 40 cm; additionally fasten across with the help of special construction "crabs". This way of construction provides additional strength and stability.
Soundproofing can do and can not do. But if you don't want to hear what's happening at the neighbors, it is best to be concerned about noise elimination. Apply for ceiling insulation experts recommend sheet polystyrene. You can do the usual foam. To put stuff is a must on the ceiling, so there is a need for a fastening material. This requires a special mounting glue. If you decide to just put the sheets of insulating material under the cardboard, we risk to "swollen" ceiling, covered in cracks. Can the insulation be attached to the ceiling with special screws.
You can now deal directly with the suturing of drywall to the ceiling. Attach sheets of material to the metal frame, every 20-25 cm screwing it to the metal structure. Thus, your ceiling will be completely covered. It remains only to fix it and paint it.
The decoration of the ceiling, so he doesn't lose his strength and not ripped at the seams, takes about 4-6 days. On the first day must be carefully embroider all the seams, to prepare putty and carefully pour it in there. On the second day after a little putty drying is drawn into the joints, forming a bonding between the sheets. They need to be repaired with the mesh, and serpyanka adhesive putty. On the third day of painting the mesh it is necessary to impose on the entire ceiling, parallel with spatula the entire surface of the ceiling. The fourth day involves the application of a fine layer of finishing materials. And the fifth can all be sanded and painted. Your ceiling is drywall ready.