To start, make a preliminary plan. Select building and finishing materials, lighting and furniture.
If the hall you have a small, illusory and you want to increase it, the walls and ceiling make bright and warm shades. Add a large mirror on the door of the wardrobe. It will replace all the bulky furniture that you have stood before. And if we choose the right lighting, then you will get your completely transformed the hall.
Proceed to the decoration of the walls and ceiling. The ceiling in the hallway, install the tensioner, light shade, or mirror. This will expand the space of the room. Okleyte walls washable Wallpaper or paintable Wallpaper. In the hallway we change shoes, and children and dogs bring dirt. Therefore, the wall covering must be practical. Can also decorate the lower part of walls plastic panels.
The next step is lighting. In the hallway, no natural light, therefore, its role should not take light. It can be installed in a closet not to look for a switch when you need to undress. Direct lighting in the hallway is not desirable. It is better to arrange the complex of halogen lamps located around the perimeter of the ceiling of the hallway. It is also possible to equip the hall small wall sconce with light on the top, placed slightly above eye level.
Built-in furniture will be the most suitable option for all small rooms and unusual layout. The advantages of wardrobe before the furniture is obvious. It uses 100% of the space from floor to ceiling, and the usual wardrobe remains a dead area above it. Moreover, sliding doors don't require space for the door in front of wardrobe. And if to consider that on the doors of the Cabinet can be positioned large mirrors, which will extend and increase the space, it becomes apparent that the hallway must stand alone wardrobe. Don't forget that the hallway is the first thing a visitor sees entering your apartment. This so-called visiting card of your house. Therefore, this room should radiate warmth, goodwill and hospitality.