You will need
  • receipt, passport, VAT number
Individual entrepreneurs carry out two types of contributions to the pension Fund: Fixed contributions to the pension Fund (PF, PFR), as well as contributions to FFOMS (Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund) and TFOMS (Territorial Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance). Before you transfer funds to the pension Fund, you need to go to the office of the pension Fund of the Russian Federation and check of outstanding payments for the previous year. If no debts, in the office of the pension Fundand must provide receipts for the repayment of debts during the current year. This operation is carried out until March 1 of the year in which there would be no payments.
After receiving the receipts, you can already pay your dues. How to make payments, and in some periods, the payer decides, because of payments, realize that you need monthly, quarterly or annually. Payment can be made via ATM or through any branch of the Bank. Through ATM, you can also see the amount of debt, in the ATM you must enter VAT payer and to see the upcoming payments. Payment should be made not later than the last day of the quarter.
Another important feature of these payments is the fact that in December of the current year, you must appear at the office of the pension Fundand to verify that there are no arrears on pension contributions. If no debts, that year is considered closed and no fines are charged, if there are arrears, the fine will be equal to 10% of the charges for the previous year. If there will be an overpayment of contributions, the amount of the overpayment will be automatically postponed to the first quarter, month, or other period of the year following, current.