Advice 1: How to make baby rose

Rosehip is one of the healthiest fruits and is recommended for use for people of all ages, including infants from six months. The fruits of dog rose contain the biggest amount of ascorbic acid (10 times more than black currants and 50 times more than lemon). The rose hip also contains vitamins f, b, K, carotene, pectin, organic acids, tannins, trace elements. Decoctions and extracts of the fruit have anti-inflammatory, regenerating, blood-forming properties, enhance the General resistance of the organism of children and improve metabolism.Use rose hips in the form of decoctions, infusions and teas.
How to make baby rose
The easiest way of making tea from rose hips is to brew it in a thermos. This whole fruit is placed in a thermos and pour boiling water 1 tablespoon of fruit per Cup of boiling water. Then the rose hips insist in a thermos 6-8 hours. When the tea is well brewed, it must be filtered. Instead of the whole berries you can use chopped. In this case extraction time is significantly reduced: for tea rather 20-30 minutes.
Of course, to fully extract the beneficial properties from the hips, the better to prepare him an infusion or a decoction. For making this decoction, put into a glass jar 2 tablespoons minced fruit pour two cups of boiling water. Put the jar in a pot of boiling water and keep in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then remove the jar from the pan and cool the broth at room temperature for 45-60 minutes. Squeeze through cheesecloth. To take a decoction need, following the dosage prescribed by your doctor.
The infusion can be prepared by the following method. Place a jar of chopped and covered with boiling water and rose hips on a water bath for 30 minutes. The proportions of water and hips are the same as in the preparation of broth. Not cooling, strain the infusion through cheesecloth and pour in enough hot boiled water to restore the original volume of liquid.
Give rose children need warm. The child should not offer undiluted decoctions and infusions of rose hips.

Contraindications to the use of rose hips are high acidity, heart failure, thrombophlebitis.
Aqueous extract of the fruits of this plant lowers the blood pressure.
Useful advice
Note that the doses of infusion of rose hips depends on the age of the child. Children from six months up to 1 year are recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons a day, 1 to 2 years – 1 tablespoon 2 times a day, 3 to 5 years – 2 teaspoons 2 times a day, from 6 to 12 years old – 1/4 Cup 2 times a day.

Advice 2 : How to make a decoction of rose hips

The healing properties of rosehip have been known for centuries. He is a storehouse of nutrients and minerals. This plant is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Improving the metabolism and oxygen enriching blood, rose hips nourishes the entire body with vitamins.
How to make a decoction of rose hips
Infusions and decoctions of rose hips are used for the treatment of many diseases. The plant has tonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and choleretic properties. Anemia and exhaustion, infectious diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract rose hips can be used as an additional means of treatment. To derive maximum benefit from "wild rose" (which is exactly what is popularly called rose hips), you need to properly prepare it.
Cooking broth begins picking fruit. It is important to do this before the frost, otherwise the medicinal properties of rose hips are destroyed. The fruits should be dried in an oven (90-100°C) or dryer. The resulting raw material must be yellow or brownish-red color.There is another method of drying fruits, rather, their shells. For this you need to cut the berries lengthwise into half, remove the seeds and hairs, and drying the shell in the open air, spreading on newspaper in a thin layer.
Rinse 100 grams of dried berries and put them in a quart of boiling water. Cover pot and simmer broth over low heat for 10-15 minutes. To the broth was more rich, it is necessary to insist for 12-24 hours. Place the pot where no access to light, as in this case destroyed the vitamin C. Strain the broth through a sieve and drink it chilled. If you want you can add sugar or honey, the healing properties of the drink is not affected. But fresh broth would be better to quench your thirst, and then drink it you with great pleasure.
The broth can be made not only from fruit but also from the roots of the plants. This drink has a positive effect on the bladder and kidneys. Roots rose hips dug in early autumn, should be washed in cool water, crushed and dried. Two tablespoons of raw pour a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes. Cooled broth strain and take one third of a Cup three times a day.

Advice 3 : How to brew rose hips

Wild rose is a beautiful shrub that not only captivates with its exquisite beauty and a flowery aroma, but also has medicinal properties known to man since the sixteenth century for the treatment of various diseases and strengthen the body. Moreover, all parts of the shrub have medicinal properties.
How to brew rose hips
You will need
  • thermos;
  • - boiling water;
  • - whole or crushed rose hips;
  • - capacity;
  • - tablespoon;
  • - glass 200 gr.
Use fruits, roots, seeds, petals. All parts of the rose contain macro - and micronutrients, vitamins C, E,P,b,C. the highest vitamin C content in fruits of rosehip. It enters the body in a natural way without the use of chemical production. To all the beneficial properties of the fruit keep, you need to properly prepare the raw material, dry and brew.
Collect the fruit follows in late August, early September. By this time they accumulated the highest concentration of nutrients. The fruits must be carefully removed to sort out. Can be dried in a special drying chamber that helps to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, and only this method is used in the pharmaceutical industry. If the chambers for drying fruits and vegetables not, the hips need to spread out in a thin layer on a clean cloth and leave in a well ventilated place, after covering with gauze. Another way of drying is to heat the fruit in the oven, but not more than 40 degrees, then cool and re-heated. It turns out the simulation of the drying Cabinet, but if you do not observe the regime and to exceed it, then the fruit will lose 70% of its value. Also the fruits of the rosehip can be bought at any pharmacy is in the dried form.
Brew rose hips in multiple ways, which makes the drink less valuable. The most common method of brewing is to put in a two liter thermos 3 tablespoons whole fruit, pour boiling water, tightly screw the thermos and infuse for 6-7 hours, ie this is usually done for the night. In the morning strain the infusion through a fine sieve, pressing the berries and take 1 glass 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after a meal.
The second method. The fruit grind, brew 2 tablespoons with 1 liter of boiling water and set for 20 minutes in a water bath. Proponents of this method argue that it would preserve the maximum nutrients, but scientists have studied all the ways of cooking and came to the conclusion that the content of all substances in the infusion, regardless of brewing method, exactly the same. Make, as in the first case, one glass 3 times a day for half an hour before meals or one hour after a meal.
If you absolutely don't want to do brew in a thermos or in a water bath, you can use a completely simple way. Put 1 teaspoon of crushed fruit in a glass, pour boiling water, stir, infuse 7 minutes, drink instead of tea.
The infusion can be applied at elevated and reduced pressure, for colds and viral infections, as a diuretic, cholagogue, for promoting immunity in the season of colds and viral diseases, in diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastritis with low acidity.
Contraindications are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, colitis, enterocolitis, a tendency to allergic reactions. Children under one year, the decoction of rose hips is contraindicated.

Advice 4 : As a decoction of rose hips affects the pressure

Rosehip is traditionally called a storehouse of health. The fruit of this amazing plant contain many nutrients. However, in folk medicine used not only berries of the wild rose, but the leaves, roots, flowers of this distant relative of the rose. A perennial plant often used in problems with blood pressure.
As a decoction of rose hips affects the pressure
A decoction of rose hips – an effective remedy for pressure jumps. However, to use this seemingly harmless plant be careful in certain diseases of the heart, thrombophlebitis and other diseases.

A decoction of rose hips, a remedy for decompression

In folk medicine, a decoction of rose hips often used as a tonic. The composition also has a diuretic, choleretic action, drinking a decoction of fruits and roots of the plants can be almost any age. It is known that this herbal drug promotes the production of red blood cells in the body. Broth give drink to children suffering from frequent nasal bleeding.

Useful broth hips and people who are often faced with high blood pressure. Remedy lowers blood pressure, at the same time positively affecting the walls of blood vessels. The effect of the rosehip is known since ancient times.

But the perennial plant has really benefited at elevated pressure, it is necessary to properly prepare the broth. It is recommended to use the crushed fruit. Taking two tablespoons of the mixture, it is necessary to pour the rose hips in two cups of clean water and boil the liquid for 15 minutes. After boiling medicinal decoction cooled and leave to infuse for at least two hours. Strain the broth, it can be used in pure form or by adding the sugar in small quantities, honey, lemon juice.

The impact of hips on the pressure

Broth hips to normalize blood pressure you should drink courses – no more than three weeks, and then you should take a break. Preferably before taking people's money to consult with a specialist, but usually the norm of the use of the decoction for adults is a Cup of liquid at a time. To use the product three times a day. For children the normal dose is from ½ to ¼ Cup, depending on age. To drink broth it is best before eating because the hips well to stimulate the appetite.

Especially useful to drink a decoction of rose hips in the winter months, the period of beriberi. Berry increase the immune system, in addition, the infusions and decoctions of plants perfectly quench thirst, they can drink instead of tea.

Water decoction of rose hips which reduces the pressure in most cases, but to improve it will help the alcoholic extract of the fruits. Therefore, medicinal plants can become a helper and for hypertensive and hypotensive. When you receive funds on the basis of rose hips should not self-medicate and, especially, to be replaced with decoctions and infusions of the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Advice 5 : How to brew rose hips

Limitless properties of rose hips are amazing. Because the concentration is very important for human health substances pales in comparison with many medicinal plants. However useful may be also the roots, seeds and petals. Below the hips was the most useful for the organism, it must be properly brew.
How to brew rose hips

Preparation of infusion

Brewing rose hips, it is very important to observe the proportions of ten parts of water should fall on one part of the plant. Accordingly, in one liter of boiling water requires one hundred grams of rose hips. And it is about four tablespoons. The best solution would be to push the fruits in a thermos. For this it is necessary to pre-stretch them. Next you need to put them in a thermos, pour boiling water and good cover. Healthy drink should infuse for at least seven hours.

Cooking broth

To the maximum amount of nutrients could "get in the water with the hips, you can start to boil them. This is done for 5-7 minutes after boiling. Until the water cooled it must be poured into a thermos with rose hips, spinning the container with a lid and infuse for twelve hours. When the broth is ready, it should be filtered. Take one glass before each meal.

How to prepare rosehip infusion tea for a child

Many people know that for children, the infusion of rose hips is extremely useful. But there is a small problem — you need to brew the infusion so that the baby drank it with pleasure. Actually to make it not so hard – just to sweeten healthy drink. It is possible to completely eliminate the addition of sugar. To this should be added to the thermos, where it will infuse the rose, a few berries of dried apricots.

How to prepare rosehip tea for a child

Most often, the tea from the hips refers to the brewing of dried fruit, specified medicinal plants. To prepare this drink you will need the following ingredients:
dry rose hips 100 g;
- dried fruits (raisins or apricots) 1 tbsp. spoon;
- boiling water 1 liter;
- sugar 1 tbsp.

Berries, plants should be rinsed under running water, shake them to stretch and then fall asleep in a thermos. Also add a tablespoon of dried apricots or raisins. In the same amount is taken sugar. All the ingredients should be poured with boiling water. The drink is brewed at least 7-8 hours. After this sweet rosehip tea can be consumed. It will be useful not only for children but also adults.

The Council for the use of

It is important to know that the decoction should be put through cheesecloth before use. Otherwise I would of swallowed hairs inside the fruit of the plant.

To drink is as useful as possible, the fruits should be well mashed. Not brewed rosehips too long to store in a thermos. The infusion should be fresh. It should drink approximately per day.
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