The easiest way of making tea from rose hips is to brew it in a thermos. This whole fruit is placed in a thermos and pour boiling water 1 tablespoon of fruit per Cup of boiling water. Then the rose hips insist in a thermos 6-8 hours. When the tea is well brewed, it must be filtered. Instead of the whole berries you can use chopped. In this case extraction time is significantly reduced: for tea rather 20-30 minutes.
Of course, to fully extract the beneficial properties from the hips, the better to prepare him an infusion or a decoction. For making this decoction, put into a glass jar 2 tablespoons minced fruit pour two cups of boiling water. Put the jar in a pot of boiling water and keep in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then remove the jar from the pan and cool the broth at room temperature for 45-60 minutes. Squeeze through cheesecloth. To take a decoction need, following the dosage prescribed by your doctor.
The infusion can be prepared by the following method. Place a jar of chopped and covered with boiling water and rose hips on a water bath for 30 minutes. The proportions of water and hips are the same as in the preparation of broth. Not cooling, strain the infusion through cheesecloth and pour in enough hot boiled water to restore the original volume of liquid.