You will need
  • A computer disk with Windows.
First and foremost, you need to make sure that the system disk – multiboot. To test this, insert the disk with the system drive of the computer. If the desktop window appears with the possibility to install system – drive multiboot. If a window appears, displaying files and folders, drive is not. Once you make sure that the drive with Windows supports multi-boot, restart the computer after saving the desired files on a separate drive.
During the reboot, you should regularly press the "F9". This button triggers the forced startup from the disk. After some time you will need to confirm the startup disk by pressing ENTER. After clicking it, the screen will display a screen allowing the user to choose the parameters of the installation. Select Auto install from disk". The system will be restarted again – this time to press F9 unnecessary.
The next stage of the installation you need to delete all the partitions. For the correct course of action, pay attention to clues that will be located at the bottom of the screen. Once you remove all of the sectors, the monitor will display a single disk partition, displays the amount of memory. Divide this section into the desired number of discs (leave the system partition 30-40 GB.).
As soon as the partition will be created for the system, install it in Windows, after selecting the option "Normal format". The operating system installation starts automatically, you only occasionally have to make adjustments, for example, user name, time zone etc. once the OS installation is complete, install the necessary codecs and drivers on the computer.