Advice 1: How to open legal services

In today's world there is always a need of seeking help from professionals. To be able to provide legal services, you can open your own company or register as an individual entrepreneur. Organizational form depends on what activities the firm is going to implement.
How to open legal services
If you want to register as an individual entrepreneur, first you need to prepare all needed documents. You can facilitate your registration process by contacting firms that help to decide such matters for a certain amount of money. In this case, you need to provide them with the documents to negotiate the cost and get results in a couple of days. This files most often have to register yourself.
You need to provide to the IRS (tax office) passport details, and a photocopy of the document with information about registration and index, INN (individual taxpayer number) and a list of activities that can be done. You need to remember that an individual entrepreneur is not a legal entity, but may give the public legal servicessuch as representation in court, preparation of documents for the purchase and sale of real estate, labor disputes and so on.
If you plan to open JSC (OJSC), LLC (limited liability company) or JSC (joint stock company), in addition to all the documents to the tax office must provide a Memorandum of Association, specify name, location and a list of co-founders, data on all workers, the share capital if it exceeds the limit of 20 000, it is additionally required independent appraiser act, a photocopy of the INN, contact numbers, Bank details of legal entity and many other documents which are subject to scrutiny and then based on the conclusion of the IRS issued a certificate of registration of LLC, JSC or on record.
Most often for the provision of legal services open legal advice. Typically, this firm assists in the handling of civil and criminal cases, assists in the preparation of the statement of claim, the conclusion of contracts of lease, donation, free use, provides assistance in matters of inheritance of all queues. Usually these are people with higher legal education.
To become a representative in the court, you must, in addition to education, to two-year internship at the lawyer, then to pass the exam and get a license to provide services of the lawyer population.Notary more assists in preparation of papers, documents, assures them properly and can provide services on representation in court.
To provide the legal services you need space to purchase or rent in advance, even before the registration of the individual entrepreneur or legal firm. You need to calculate the business plan, to advertise and appeal to the courts, law enforcement and the police in order to alert that there is a new opportunity to provide legal services to the population.
Open legal services is not difficult, the main thing that they were demanded by the population and helped in certain situations.
To provide legal assistance to the population could a person with higher legal education and work experience on a speciality not less than 2 years.

Advice 2: How to open law office

For the implementation of independent activities in the sphere of rendering of legal services must have a specialized higher education, vocational practice and the status of the lawyer, which allows you to create any of the existing types of legal organizations, including open bar Cabinet.
How to open law office
Notice on the establishment of the advocate's office is sent to the Bar Council, which shall include information about the lawyer, the location of the office, the procedure of communication between him and the Council. It should be noted that this type of organization is not a legal entity, but the lawyer receives the status of the businessman without education of the legal entity. He is also required to open a Bank account and a seal.
A lawyer in most cases provides services in several areas, for example, assistance in resolving housing disputes maintenance divorce cases, registration of real estate rights and inheritance, representation in court, etc. But an advocate's office may specialize in a narrow legal segment. Interaction with clients is based on a civil contract for the provision of services, including negotiated their cost. The value of the customer base directly determined by the professional reputation of the lawyer.
The law is authorized to place the Cabinet in the living areas, for example, in my own apartment, but subject to the consent of the family members lawyer. This capability can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a lawyer's office, but the office looks more solid and is more trusted by customers. You need the space a small area, sufficient for the equipment of a workplace and space for comfortable communication with visitors. It is desirable to provide the reception room, as the legal action involves privacy. Take care of an attractive interior and a solid but low-key sign on the door of a lawyer's office.
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