Complete documented return of the goods. Only in this case, this operation can be adopted to obtain a refund on VAT. According to the requirements of Roskomtorg of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to make shipment in accordance with the unified form TORG-12. While the title of the document indicates that happens the return of the goods for a particular reason.
Make an act of recognition of the product is of poor quality, if this fact was the reason for the return. It is developed based on the unified form TORG-2 (for domestic goods) or TOROG-3 (for imported goods).
Bring cash for the returned goods. If a refund took place on the day of purchase, the money is allocated from the operating Fund, and if later, after the closing of the change or withdrawal of the Z-report, funds are transferred from the main cash Desk of the enterprise.
Reflect the product which is subject to refund, on off-balance account 002. Once decorated its transmission, in accounting, the seller is required to open a debit account 41 "Goods" and credit the account 45 "the Goods shipped" or account 62 "Settlements with buyers". You can also use the method "negotiable" or "red" cancellation and to do the reverse transaction operations. This point depends on the adopted accounting policy at the enterprise.
Restore and pay to the budget the amount of VAT refunded on goods in the tax period when the return was accepted by the seller to the account. This provision is established in clause 4 of the letter of the RF Finance Ministry No. 03-07-15/29 of 07.03.2007 year. Complete a tax Declaration for VAT, according to the rules in the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 104н from 15.10.2009 G.
Reflect the amount of value added tax which is recoverable in respect of the returnof th goods, in line 090. Do not disclose this amount in lines 100 and 110, because it is restored according to the PP.2 section 3 of article 170 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation.