In the Protocol reflect the date and place of composition, also indicate the number and date of the contract, the name and requisites of the parties to the contract, as well as persons authorized to sign the agreement and Protocol differences.
After that you are determined in what form will the written statement of disagreement. In most cases, it consists in a table, which contains the views of the parties. Be sure to give number and description of the disputed provisions in the draft of the Treaty, and in the editorial side, which made the Protocol. In the first column indicate a controversial situation and the other with his wording to be agreed. Can add third column which describe the notes to the disputed position. Further signatures of persons competent to conclude a Protocol of disagreements.
As the Protocol of disagreements made, you send to the other party along with a contract specifying the term of consideration of the submitted documents. The agreement does not forget to make a note that "the contract is valid given the Protocol differences." Otherwise, the Protocol would be a recommendation or as a suggestion of one of the parties in the contract, and will not have legal force that will create future difficulties in asserting the rights.
If you received Protocol of discrepancies, sign it if you agree with the new wording of the disputed provisions. Further, these contract terms apply in the wording of the Protocol, not a Treaty. If you are not satisfied with any conditions, then the Protocol differences make a negotiation Protocol differences. His issue, as the Protocol of disagreements, but add another column – "agreed version", which specifies a controversial provision taking into account the wishes of both parties.
Don't forget to do in the first Protocol of disagreements the inscription "a negotiation Protocol differences." If, after all the effect the parties do not agree, I can offer two options. Make a new contract and do all the work from the beginning. Or find another supplier. To avoid this, use the first option.