The title of the document, specify the Protocol of disagreements to the contract of delivery №1 dated 01.01.2011 - such data should allow to clearly identify the Protocol. The information required is the date and place of drawing up the Protocol. Date of drawing up the Protocoland may differ from the date of conclusion of the contract. If a Protocole is an earlier date than in contract, the court may take into account Protocol, to assess how pre-contractual correspondence of the parties.
In the preamble specify the names of the parties and authorized persons who sign the Protocol, is confirmed by what authority (power of attorney, articles of Association).
The parties are free in concluding the contract, determining its terms. Form Protocoland approved, although in practice usually adhere to the following scheme: determine conditions for which there are objections. Record them in a table in the wording set out in the contract and desired wording. In the third column indicate the revision accepted by the parties.
Specify that other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
The Protocol must contain a signature, seal, address and Bank details of the parties.