There are times when you need to send a TEXT message and a computer connected to the Internet at hand, so there is nothing easier than to do it through the Internet and especially for free, besides typing messages is much easier on a computer keyboard than a phone.

There is a huge amount of virtual resources, sites, programs for sending short messages.
On the websites of the main mobile operators there are special sections for sending SMS messages. Just enough to visit such a resource, choose the mobile operator, enter the phone number and type the text you want to send. Just a few minutes, and sometimes seconds, the recipient will have the opportunity to read your SMS.
Besides sending SMS, some cellular operators (MTS, MegaFon) made it possible to send MMS messages with the help of Internet resources. This makes it possible to send images and ringtones for free. The shipping is almost no different from sending SMS messages, except that you can optionally select a picture or song you want to send.