Clearly state the purpose of your ad. Before you start to compile it, define your target audience who you want to attract, what benefits will get a potential user of your products and services. If the summary, then decide which company should be interested in your person.
Make a plan ads. It should be strictly the case without congestion and "water" at the same time to contain sufficient information about provided product or service or about the benefits of your candidacy in the case of placing summary.
Engage the person "speaking" title. It will be able to attract the attention of an increasing number of people who will want to read your ad in more detail.
Use maximum key words. Remember that keywords, interested people will find your ad on the Internet. If competently approach to this issue, the success of your ad is certainly guaranteed.
Prepare multiple versions of your ads carefully thought-out text and a title for each of them. The more versions of your ad you will have, the better. This will take you to further effective investment.
Choose carefully the theme of the site. There is a misconception that if you send your ad, and with one and the same text immediately on thousands of boards, it will be very effective. Actually, the search engine may see it as spam and the majority of the duplicate ads will simply not be indexed. To avoid this, select only quality resources appropriate to the subject of your ad, as well as alternate texts and captions that you was in advance.

If done exactly as described in this manual, your ad will certainly notice required target audience, and you will have a real success.