Start to wean him during the daytime sleep. Yes, the first time the child will protest and serious to demand the mother's proximity. The task of mothers to prevent and mitigate stress. This does not mean that the Statute is to listen to the crying, she would give up and put the baby on his chest. Quite the contrary - the mother should remain firm but not to leave their child.
Put the baby to bed and begin to tell him a story or sing a quiet song. In the handle you can attach a rubber toy. The kid, hearing my mom's voice, calm down and eventually fall asleep. Many mothers, listening to the advice of psychologists include the pleasant, quiet music. But don't do that, because for the child it is important it is the presence of mother and feel that she is near.
If voice fails to soothe, massage the baby's legs, stroke your back or tummy, take his hand.
After the child learned to love yourself, you can continue studying. To teach baby to fall asleep without the breast in the night, go on another scheme. We should not abandon the application altogether. The child should gradually become accustomed.
Do not mix with other sucking way of peace. Child should understand that the evening tale is a sign that tells you that it's time to sleep.
And finally, advice to those who are just starting to feed the baby. Do not accustom the baby to sleep in the same bed with parents. He diapers should know that he has his own separate bed. Yes, the fatigue and laziness suggest back. It is very convenient to feed the baby right after he woke up, and my mother still half asleep zasypaet. But over time you will realize that following this advice, in the future you will protect yourself and your child from the stress associated with weaning from the mother's breast.