You will need
  • Advice:
  • - lawyer;
  • - accountant;
  • designer-designer.
Question documentary reducing trading floor space at the retail trade in the first place relevant for taxpayers UTII. A large shopping area can "eat" the lion's share of the profits. In order to avoid this, businesses are forced to cheat and look for ways to reduce their costs.
For these purposes, manipulate with numbers in the leases of retail space. Shopping is considered to be the areaon which the sale of goods (note that exhibition hall, which houses the showcase for the product, shopping is not considered, therefore, can safely be deducted from the total area of the lease and highlighted in a separate column). Storage and warehousing the rest of the product in the shopping area are not included and are considered to be inventory (ancillary, auxiliary, etc.). With this in mind, when drawing up the lease agreement should be allocated to these areas in two different units.
The next step will be to optimize the most shopping points are under the agreed indicators. Otherwise, validation, and measurement of the premises may result in fines. You can use a combination of design techniques, installation of double Windows (the reverse of which would be stock). The main goal is to achieve visual perception of the intended square, as the first assessment will be just visual, possibly before the measurements will not come.
Too much free space - a reason to carry out the measurement space