To give your face a more fresh appearance, do not have to put a thick layer of makeup, enough to know a few simple rules.
First prepare the face. To do this, wash it with a soft exfoliating film. This way you will remove dead skin, make smooth the face and prepare it for makeup application.
Before you put on face cream, wipe it with a cube of cosmetic ice. To prepare this ice is very simple: freeze calendula infusion or decoction of chamomile or cucumber juice.
Put the cream that you use as a base for makeup in the fridge. Applying this cream in the morning, you freshen up your face. Especially girls, prone to edema.
If you are creams, remember that as a wet basis it is better to use a cream Foundation. The remains of the Foundation remove with a sponge.
Be sure to apply blush - they will soften your facial features and lightly freshen the color of skin (recommended for blondes cool shades of blush, and for brunettes – warm). Apply blush only on the cheekbones, because if you go over their border, this will give the face a tired look.
That eye makeup is well kept, not pushed, and the eyes look fresh, apply a cream base on the eyelids.
When choosing clothes, give preference to bright shades: pink, light blue, yellow.
Also, to give freshness to the face, you can use the following mask:- If you worked for a long time, and by the end of the day you have "crow's feet" around the eyes, make a mask. To do this, take egg whites, 10 drops of lemon juice, mix them and whisk until foam is formed. Apply the mask on face and leave on for 3-4 minutes (not more). You have to flush it with warm water. This mask will make your face more supple and fresh;
- Will not be superfluous to make another mask (smoothing). Take the yolk, add 10 drops of vegetable oil and 2 drops lemon juice mix the ingredients and apply the mask on oily areas (forehead, around the mouth, eye sockets). Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water;
- If you have oily skin type and enlarged pores, you need the "yeast" mask. To prepare the mask, mix the yeast with the milk to form a porridge and apply it on the face. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.