You will need
  • Tools, materials, instruction.
Preparing the materials.
Anyone who has ever acquired upholstered furniture, thought: "why not do it yourself?". In fact, nothing particularly complicated here. It is important to understand that to make the ordinary wooden furniture, and then just cover it with fabric and filler. To start a similar sample joiner we suggest you with the production of soft stools. Then you can go to bed and Ottoman. And only after that to wipe out the holiest of holies: the sofa and chair.
Remember that self-producing of soft furniture, the materials is not worth saving, because otherwise the furniture will look cheap. Note that you save considerably, making furniture with their hands, and don't skimp on the purchase of beautiful fabrics and quality of the filler. Usually as a filler for upholstered furniture acts as foam rubber or polyurethane. In addition, for each piece of furniture they must be of a certain thickness:
- seat – 45-48 kg/m3;
- backs – 42 kg/m3;
- for mattresses – 30-35 kg/m3;
- for the arms – 28 kg/m3.
Regarding the choice of fabric for the furniture that you will cut your hands, then all is not so simple. First and foremost, the fabric must be strong enough. Also, make sure that unstable and damage with your chosen fabric will be removed the most easily. And finally, as the fabric you're nailing, make sure it appears with a hole and "arrows" as a result.