You will need
  • Supporting documents: receipts, checks, estimates, payslip
To determine the price of a claim, it is necessary to calculate the recoverable amount, i.e. the amount of damages, expenses, lost wages, etc. To justify the price attach supporting documents: receipts, checks, estimates, payslip. At a price of up to fifty thousand rubles, dispute the jurisdiction of the magistrate. Moral harm is estimated from internal beliefs.
When collecting the periodic payments, the price of the claim is defined as the sum of payments for the year. If you requirement to decrease the size of the payments, you can calculate the amount by which they were reduced for the year.
In claimx for recovery of property, the recognition of property rights should determine the value of the property. It can be taken, based on the inventory valuation report by an independent appraiser of the market value. If the owner – organization, that is based on balance.
In challenging the document by which the collected amount, for example, the decision of the tax authority, you need to sum up the arrears, penalties and interest.
In the petitionary part of the claim must specify separately the amount of each separate requirements. For example, the claimabout restoration on work, determine the size of payment for forced absence, the size of moral harm.