First, a beautiful collar can be done if you know how to weave bead or macramé. Then you will be enough to buy everything you need to weave beads or a beautiful cords for macrame. If you can not or do not wish to weave a beaded or macrame, there is a possibility to buy a special set for the manufacture of a collars, which you will find all the necessary materials and detailed instructions with a description of how and what to do. A selection of such sets is presented online and in major pet stores.
If you wish, you can also buy a plain leather collar at the pet store and decorate it the same beads, rhinestones, studs, buttons, plaques, chains, lace or appliques, which are sold in any sewing Department – will be not worse, but in this case, gift for pet will be made entirely with his own hands, without instructions and recommendations. To complete the track you can add to the collar isa beautiful pendant that can also be purchased at the pet store.
Options to make a collar for your pet with your own hands quite a lot. Get creative, and you get exclusive accessory that You just will not find anywhere else. And besides, you'll get great fun creating a collar for his beloved dog on their own.