You will need
  • - ceramic or glass vase;
  • - sugar;
  • - aspirin;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Cut a rose to put in a ceramic vase, it water longer it will stay fresh: this capacity does not transmit light, which is the cause of putrefaction in the water. Do not put a vase with a rose in the sun, in this case, the water will quickly heat up, the flower will begin to wither.
Change the water the roses frequently, preferably every day. Take the vase, pour out the old water and be sure to wash the tray with warm water and soap: this will help to remove the slippery coating on the walls of the cookware. Then rinse the vase with cold water and only then add new.
Before you put the flower in a vase, wash it down with running water to clean from the putrefaction bacteria. Remove wilted leaves, turn the rose Bud and pour down a shower, to freshen up the flower. Do not include a strong pressure not to harm the rose. After this procedure, a cut flower in a vase will last longer and will delight you with its beauty and aroma.
Another way to preserve a cut rose for as long as possible is to place it overnight in the bathroom. Pour water into the bottom of the bath so that it covered the flower. The water should be very cold, otherwise the rose will get stress and will quickly fade, so prepare the water in advance. Lower the flower at the bottom of the bath and turn the lights off. In the morning, remove the rose gently shake off excess water and place in vase with fresh water.
In the winter time to cut roses should create a comfortable environment. This will feed it sugar. Pour in a bowl of water at room temperature, put back a piece of refined sugar and let it dissolve. Then take a spoon, stir the water and pour it into the ceramic vase. In this environment, rose will be much more pleasant to be in the dark winter time.
If you put a cut rose in a glass vase, then take the extra sheets from the trunk, so they do not fall into water. Crush a pill of aspirin and throw the powder in a vase. Aspirin slows the development of bacteria in the water so the rose will last in a vase much longer.
Every time you change the water in the vase, cut the stem of the rose 1 or 2, see Also cut flower along. These activities help the flower to remain in good shape for a long time and give pleasure to you and your family.