You will need
  • Sheets of plywood
  • Reiki
  • Mesh
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • The hardware (hinges, handle)
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Special Cup
  • Straw or shavings
  • Newspapers
  • A piece of fruit tree
Make a plywood blank for the side walls of the rabbit houseand depending on the size of the pet. You should have squares of no less than 70 on 70 see the Back wall will not be less than one meter in length; height should it be at 15 centimeters below the marginalia. This is necessary in order to place under the cage tray. The house will be standing on "legs" - the side walls.
Cobble together a house for a rabbitfor stability using Reiki. Reinforce the three walls; and the facade and flooring use a solid grid with small holes. Metre rails lock mesh rectangles; and at the upper edge of the bar fasten with regard to future cap-door.
Make the roof of the rabbit housebut of mesh and strips and hung it on the back wall with two metal loops. In the middle of the front edge of the cover set with a convenient handle - so you can easily open and close the rabbit house, clean it and put food.
Equip the cage for the rabbit all you need:
• Under the bottom grid, place a plastic tray of appropriate size.
• Top mesh half box of oat straw (or several layers of newspaper and large wood shavings) layer is not less than 2 cm.
• Place a heavy bowl of ceramics for food so that the animal could not easily overturn.
• Attach to a rabbit Hutch special drip trough for Pets.
• Put in the house for rabbit pure block of hard wood fruit tree to your pet could grind his teeth.