But for a beautiful garden tulips them properly to grow and correctly seated. Tulips love the light, not windy places. For their cultivation suitable fertile acidic or neutral soil. Most tulips are afraid of waterlogging. Planted tulips every 2-3 years.
Wait for the flowering tulips and yellowing of the leaves. The leaves should be yellow by one-third. Dig up the bulbs of tulips, sort them, rinse in water. Spread to dry in a warm well ventilated room. Store Tulip bulbs at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.
Dry them for 3-4 weeks. The bulbs should not be exposed to sunlight and the room temperature must not exceed 34 degrees, so as not to spoil the flower Bud.
Prepare the garden bed or flowerbed of Seating tulips. Seat tulips should be no earlier than September 10th, but no later than 10 Oct, that is 1.5-2 months before the freezing of the soil.
Planted Tulip bulbs in the prepared bed to a depth exceeding the height of the bulbs 3-4 times. The distance between bulbs should be 5-10 cm.
By the way, the flowers of tulips with streaks or stripes are considered to be infected with the virus pestrolistnaja. Experienced growers of the bulbs of these tulips are destroyed.
Florists suggest not to cut the flowers of tulips with stems and dig them together with the onions, wash and put in a vase. So they bloom longer. And after flowering the bulbs can also be dried and re-seat.